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  • Filament Winding

    Filament winding is an automated composite manufacturing process suited to the production of Axisymmetric, or close to Axisymmetric components. From Tubes to Spheres and any shape in-between this process is suitable for producing very high performance products. Lentus can design, develop and manufacture a range of products using filament winding... Read more
  • Autoclave Pre-preg

    With 20 years experience in the team laminating and producing composite products using pre-preg the Lentus team have made it all, from simple brackets through to F1 Chassis and Aero parts, from Bikes to UAV’s – Lentus has experience across this industry sector. Read More
  • Engineering

    Lentus Composites’ Engineering team works in partnership with our customers to identify the right technology and product solution for the end application. Whether this is the application of existing technology or the development of new and novel solutions Lentus will structure the engineering programme required to deliver the right solution. Read More

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