Tooling Design and Manufacture

In order to deliver a project to a customer it is important to have each element of the process within your control.

Tooling and pattern design and manufacture is a good example of this. Lentus Composites has in-house tooling design capability using its 3D CAD system. Within group, Lentus has direct access to in-house tool manufacture. This allows Lentus to receive an enquiry, optimise the part and then design and manufacture the tooling within the tight timescales required for a motorsport or development project. Alternatively, if Lentus is working on a production contract where volumes are larger, the tooling design can be optimised for the volumes and manufacturing process and these tools can be made in quantities to allow the production rate to be met.

Lentus typically designs tools from steel, aluminium and tooling block.

This capability to design and manufacture tooling also extends to the design and manufacture of process equipment, whether that be a complete filament winding machine or a simpler RTM set up. This is all within the capabilities of the Lentus engineering team.