Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) and Resin Infusion

Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) uses a closed mould with a dry fibre preform, a liquid resin is injected and cured inside the mould. RTM can be carried out by creating a vacuum inside the tool (VRTM) to draw in the resin or the resin can be injected at higher pressures to fill the mould depending on the application. One of the main benefits of this process is that the low cost of tooling and that it can be used to process larger parts lending itself to low volume production of big parts.

RTM is particularly suited to applications where a finished surface is required on all sides, there is no need for an “A” and “B” surface, both faces can be dimensionally accurate and finished to the mould surface.

RTM, like filament winding gives the opportunity to use different combination of fibres and resin systems to produce products with properties tailored to the application.

Typical products made by this process include covers, housings, panels, drive couplings, seats, and boat hulls amongst many other. Aerospace qualified fibre and resin systems are also available for the RTM process.