Lentus Composites are expert in the design, development and manufacture of composite transmission shafts for high performance applications.

Typical applications include motorsport propshafts and driveshafts where Lentus’ products are utilised in premier race series throughout the world. Other applications range from shafts for aerospace systems through to very large shafts for the rail and energy sectors.

Composite materials can be tailored to suit each application, the Lentus manufacturing processes allow for a wide range of combinations of fibre and resin types to deliver an optimised solution for each design whether it be a long high speed shaft requiring very high modulus fibres and high performance toughened matrix through to applications where torsional stiffness may be a driving factor or electrical insulation properties may be critical to the performance of the system.

Lentus has a portfolio of qualified and proven technologies that allow bespoke transmission shaft solutions to be developed and delivered in world beating timescales. Whether a one off development part is required or a fully qualified aerospace solution where tens of thousands of shafts are required per year are needed, Lentus can cater for all eventualities.