Product Design

Lentus Composites has a team of design engineers to support customer projects. Lentus can engage at many different levels within a project from being responsible for the whole design, or part of the design.  Lentus can also manage the whole project or act as a design consultant inputting to a customer lead design such that the product is optimised for the process and the materials that can be used.

Many products arrive at Lentus as finished designs and the Lentus engineering team will manage the project and productionise the parts delivering the quality control procedures, the build instructions, tooling design and quality control procedures so that the parts can be manufactured to meet the customers’ expectations in the required timescales.

Lentus use 3D CAD to design the parts and this design software interfaces with the product data management tools and other business tools to ensure that the integrity of all design data is maintained at all times.