Polar Group’s Fun Family Summer Party

Every year, Lentus Composites holds a Summer Party for their staff and families.

This annual family day is an ideal opportunity for everyone within the Polar Group to get together and meet their colleagues for a drink and a hog roast!

Lentus staff enjoyed the day which consisted of fun activities for all: laser shooting, bouncy castle, kids corner, toddlers running race, kids running race and for the first time this year, the in-house sporting challenge – A Rounders Match (Lentus Composites vs. SST Technology).

With 14 players on each team, the final score was a draw between Lentus and SST but to find out the ultimate winner we decided a knock out stage was required and the final score for this was 2 – 1 to SST Technology.  “It was such a fun game! All smiles around and there were some very competitive players. We will definitely be bringing that trophy home next time!” said Simon Odling, Engineering Director.


Some of the feedback that was received, “I just wanted to say thank you for organising the summer party! Me and my partner had a great day, and she really appreciated it being a family event so she could meet people and be involved”, “We had a fantastic time!”, “We loved watching our daughter participating in the kiddies race”, “Such a lovely relaxing event”.

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