Lentus cements partnership with Rolls Royce

Lentus were honoured to be invited to the latest Rolls-Royce Structures and Transmissions (S&T) Leadership Event on 14th February 2018 at Pride Park, Derby.

Over 100 staff from the different areas of Rolls-Royce’s S&T global operation were in attendance listening to the “Voice of the Customer” presentation. Scott Roberts, CEO at Lentus gave a presentation on the company heritage, and on the strengths of the working relationship between Lentus and Rolls-Royce.

Rolls-Royce were very keen to hear first-hand Lentus’ experiences throughout this process with a view to maximising the effectiveness of bringing a new supplier on board.

Discussions surrounded what has worked well and the challenges involved, but the highlight of the presentation was the collaborative nature of the relationship that has made this first project a success.

Lentus has an innovative, fail-fast-improve culture and are currently working on the Hybrid Radial Drive Shaft (HRDS). Rolls-Royce’s constructive approach was evident in developing a well-structured contract that enabled Lentus to add value to this Rolls-Royce project.

“We like to refer working with Rolls Royce as a long-term partnership. The team at Lentus are very much looking forward to continuing this, working together on the future challenges ahead,” said Paul Lewis, Aerospace Business Unit Director at Lentus.

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