A Winning Success for the Lentus Soapbox Team!

Saturday 20th June 2015 – Avon Dassett Soapbox Race

The 2015 Avon Dassett Soapbox race was the teams introduction to the thrills (and spills) of high speed gravity racing. With signing on and scrutineering complete the Lentus soapbox was loaded onto a trailer to be taken up the hill for the first of two practice runs. Avon Dassett is a small village North of Banbury with a steep and twisting road running through it and in the first practice Dan (our driver) was predicted to have a top speed of nearly 30 mph; however the kart was seen to be twitchy upon turning in to the high speed tight corners. After a tweak to the geometry Dan was taken back to the top of the hill for his second practice, this time it was visibly faster, with speeds around 40mph being estimated. However, as the rain intensified the twitchiness of the steering through the apex was more evident. After a second tweak to geometry, change of weight distribution and lowered tyre pressures Dan was ready to go for his first timed run before the start of the knock out stages.  Unfortunately as the weather deteriorated soapboxes began to aqua plain and crash at high speed (50mph+) so it was decided by the organisers that the event should be paused until the rain stopped and the surface water could run off.

Sadly with only an hour and a half left of the day and the Lentus team still been unable to complete a timed run, the team decided to retire from the event as they felt it would be unsafe and unwise to continue, so headed home to dry out and get some rest ready for Aylesbury the next day.

Sunday 21st June 2015 – Aylesbury Soapbox Derby

The first ever Aylesbury Soapbox Derby took place in Whitehall Park and was a fun packed day for all of the family. The course comprised of a push start followed by a 10 metre ramp, the course followed a very narrow and winding footpath which ran down the length of the park.

With practice complete, Dan was confident that the Lentus soapbox was in a good state of fettle and that he had selected the most ‘enthusiastic’ racing line. As the day progressed and the sun came out it was clear that Dan was carrying more speed over the finish line on every run.

The day finished early and prize giving saw Dan invited onto the top step of the podium by the event organisers for the fastest kart in its class with a score of 48 seconds, with the team receiving a second award and hand shake from the Mayor for securing the Fastest Time of Day at 14.5 seconds.

After a busy and exciting weekend, the Lentus team have returned to Eynsham as outright winners for the first ever Aylesbury Soapbox race.

Well done to the Lentus team: Dan, Alex and new team member Hugo!

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