Autoclave Pre-preg

With 20 years of experience in the team of laminating and producing composite products using pre-preg the Lentus Team have made it all, from simple brackets through to F1 Chassis and Aero parts, from Bikes to UAV’s – Lentus has experience across this and many other industry sectors.

Lentus has the capability to handle projects from start to finish including the design of components, through to tooling design and machining of tooling through to the manufacture of the components. These components can be manually finished or where tolerances are critical they can be machined on our CNC machining centres.

Lentus have two Autoclaves, 1.2m Dia x 3m deep, and 1.5m Dia x 2.5m deep, a complete Layup and Bagging room and 2 finishing rooms along with ply match systems and full materials analysis and testing capabilities.

Within the group, we can machine and deliver patterns in resin tool board quickly using the Mazak VCS 430 (Vertical Machining Centre) and Vari-Axis i600 (5-Axis) milling machines. We can also machine and produce any metallic or composite inserts required for any project.

Lentus has experience of making products as diverse as full monocoques for racing cars, to aerodynamic surfaces, enclosures and bracketry. Lentus makes parts for the sports and leisure industry such as specialist cycle frames, automotive components and cosmetic parts.